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Wheel Cleaners

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Coconut rims is our PH neutral wheel soap, its perfect for coated or waxed wheels and can be used in a wash bucket or diluted and applied via a trigger bottle. we highly recommend the use of a wheel brush and detail 
SUBLIME RIMS is a mild alkaline based wheel cleaner with a lime scent, its blended with advanced detergents to lift and remove grime for lacquered factory finish wheels.
IRON AVENGER is a pH neutral iron remover and wheel cleaner. It works quickly to remove iron contaminants from your paint as part of a decontamination process and is safe to use on all wheel finishes.
BANANA RIMS is a mild alkaline base wheel cleaner with a fruity banana smell.
CHERRY BAKEWHEEL is our cherry scented wheel wax. CHERRY BAKEWHEEL has been designed to cope with the demands of protecting wheels against brake dust and road grime.
Extremely durable plastic body with a Red collar in varying sizes. perfect for wheels and clean around wheel nuts etc.
After a long wait Mango Skin is final here, Mango skin is a trim and tyre dress designed to give you that fresh factory look rather than high gloss. Mango skin can be used on plastics,vinyl,tyres,wiper arms etc,
MANGO SKIN HIGH GLOSS is the show version of our popular satin-finish mango skin. This high gloss version offers show winner looks and durability leaving trims and tyres glossy wet and water repellent