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Waxes and Sealants

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Cherry BakeWheel wheel wax

CHERRY BAKEWHEEL is our cherry scented wheel wax. CHERRY BAKEWHEEL has been designed to cope with the demands of protecting wheels against brake dust and road grime.

Cherry Skin 500ml

Cherry Skin is our new spray wax offering a high gloss shine to really make your paint pop and give that deep glossy look youve been after

Encore Wax

Encore is our premium wax blend and the follow up to luminos our very popular blend. We have taken what we learnt with luminous and improved our blending and the result is Encore.

Grape Skin 250ml

Grape skin is our hybrid polymer sealant which we have been reworking over the past 18 months to improve the usability and general properties

Hydro Skin

Hydro skin is a big time saver, for those looking to protect there car quickly and easily.

Nano Skin

NANO SKIN sealant is our nano based spray sealant that offers awesome protection with a deep glossy finish from a simple spray and wipe application.

Reveal 500ml

Reveal is a water based panel wipe, containing a mild solvent blend with advanced wetting agents allowing to be wiped over the surface to remove polish residues to make sealants


TANGER-CREAM liquid wax is our high gloss wax with a single focus: to give a show winning, glossy finish. It might not have massive duration, but it makes up for this with awesome wet-look gloss

Wet Seal

WET SEAL is our spray sealant that is designed to be applied to wet paint to create an instant, easy seal. This saves you time when doing a maintenance wash and can be used on all surfaces to aid protection.