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                                                         ADS WASHING GUIDE
  • For washing the car I use the two bucket method and a lamb's wool mitt. The two bucket method means you have one bucket with the soapy water, and one with fresh clean water to rinse your mitt. When choosing your shampoo make sure that you have picked one that suits your needs and paint finish. Dip the wash mitt into the soapy water and make sure you have enough water and soap on the mitt to glide over the paintwork.
  • Start from the front of the vehicle (bonnet), and wash one panel at a time, after each panel dip the wash mitt in the clean water and agitate the mitt to release any debris trapped in it. Put the mitt back into the soapy water and work your way around the top half of the car.
  • After the top half of the car is done then wash the bottom half using the same method. After you have washed the whole vehicle rinse the car with clean water to remove all soap.
  • I personally use a wool mitt and would recommend a wool mitt for washing. If there is any debris left on the car after the snow foam or left on the mitt after the rinse in the clean water bucket, it is taken into the pile of the wash mitt. This means that you then don't rub it around the rest of the car. This ensures that you are washing your car using the safest possible method to minimise the risk of damaging the paint.