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Pre Wash

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                                                                ADS Car Care Pre Wash Guide
  • Spray the wheels with wheel cleaner and leave to dwell for about 3-5 minutes. Please make sure that you are not spraying this onto hot wheels/brakes. Agitate the wheel cleaner using a wheel brush. For the hard to reach areas you can use a small detail brush, this helps you get into the wheel nuts and corners. Then rinse the wheels to remove the cleaner.
  • Coat the vehicle in Snow foam, this removes loose debris without tarnishing the paint work. Start from the top of the vehicle and aim to work methodically over the vehicle, ensuring that all panels are coated, including the wheels, wheel arches and skirts. To do this you will need a pressure washer with a foam lance attachment or a hand pump.
  •  Clean badges and trims using soft brushes and appropriate products. You can dilute some of the snow foam into a spray bottle to use as a concentrated cleaner if this helps. I do this with the snow foam on the vehicle as it provides more lubrication if agitating areas of the car with a brush. Fully rinse the vehicle after leaving the snow foam to dwell for approximately 5 minutes.