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Our DECON KIT is designed to give you everything you need to remove all the grime and bonded contaminants from your paints surface including tar and iron partials.
Each month we will be offer a discounted kit to suit the time of year and help keep those cars looking there best.
Our finishing touches is perfect for those often neglected areas tyres / trims and exhaust.
Our gloss and protect kit is perfect for those looking for high gloss finish and some good beading.
Our Interior Fabric Kit is perfect if you have fabric seats
Our Interior Kit leather is perfect for maintaining your car interior if you have leather seats,
Our wash and gloss kit is back, a perfect little step into ADS products.
Our weekend warrior kit is the perfect way to get yourself into ADS products or a good top up kit.
Our wheel kits is perfect for cleaning and maintaining most wheel finishes, if your unsure please message us for advise advise.