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Iron Avenger

IRON AVENGER is a pH neutral iron remover and wheel cleaner. It works quickly to remove iron contaminants from your paint as part of a decontamination process and is safe to use on all wheel finishes.

White medium clay 200g

This is perfect for those cars that have not been clayed before, this product requires a lubricant and LIME LUBE is perfect for that.

Decon kit

Kit contains 500ml iron avenger / 500ml tarliminate / 500ml lime lube / 200gram clay.

Lime Lube 500ml

LIME LUBE is our lime scented clay lube. LIME LUBE helps prevent any damage and assists with glide during claying.

Tarliminate 500ml

Tarliminate is our new tar and glue remover, simply spray allow to dwell wipe, repeat if needed.