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Air fresheners

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Pineapple Air 150ml

Pineapple Air is our pineapple scented air freshener with a tangy citrus note

Parma Violets Sweets

Parma Violets Sweets is our retro air freshener smelling like the sweet

Grape Air 150ml

Grape Air is a Grape scent air freshener

Mango Air 150ml

Mango Air is a Mango scent air freshener

Apple Air 150ml

Apple Air is a sour apple scented air freshener

Banana Air 150ml

Banana air is a banana scented air freshener.

Bubblegum Air 150ml

Bubblegum Air is a bubblegum scented air freshener.

Cherry Air 150ml

Cherry Air is our cherry scented air freshener,

Coconut Air 150ml

Coconut Air is our cocnut scented air freshener, think holidays

Cola Air 150ml

Cola air is a cola bottle scented air freshener, that smells good enough to eat ( please don't though )

Fruit Air 150ml

Fruit Air is for those that love the smell of Fruit Twist QD from our range.

Sweet Air 150ml

Sweet Air smells the same as our shampoo and snow foam.

Tropical Air 150ml

Tropical Air is our tropical scented air freshener think of pinapple and coconut

Watermelon Air 150ml

Watermelon air a watermelon scented air freshener